Agricultural and Livestock Products

We supply Livestock Probiotics, Feed Additives, Crop Treatments and more...

Company History

Vit-E-Men™ and Life Products™, a Nebraska based Agricultural company, has been manufacturing Animal Feed Supplements, Crop Treatments and Livestock Health Products since 1971. We supply quality products to a wide-variety of operations: i.e. the livestock and beef cattle operations, cattle feed yards, cow/calf (calving) operations, dairy cow farmers, equine or horse operations, swine or pig farms, poultry or chicken farms, turkey farms, sheep farms, goat farms and aquaculture or fish farms. To find out more about us please continue reading about The Vit-E-Men Company™.



Nutri-Lock™ - Forage Inoculants are used in corn silage, wheatlage, haylage, oatlage, legumes, high moisture corn and dried hay

Nutri-Lock™ promotes a rapid fermentation in all types of forages. Find out more about Nutri-Lock™ Benefits

Farm Animal Probiotics

A wide variety of animal health products such as probiotics other wise known as Direct Feed Microbials or Microbial Feed additives for all species of livestock with products ranging from dry granules, soluble powders, and boluses.

We are leading the way with newly developed patented Biological carriers, and delivery systems to apply Microbial Feed additives to all sectors of the livestock industry world wide.

Battle™ products

Battle™ products, a patented formulation to supply a very high source of energy, micro nutrients and vitamins to all species of livestock.

Livestock feeds such as liquid feed supplements, alcohol liquid supplements, minerals for cattle, horses and sheep.